10 Personal Finance Apps for Adults and Teens

Making, managing, and multiplying money is the core message of financial literacy courses. If you know more, then you can make better decisions concerning your finances. Since schools merely touch the fringes, mobile applications can bridge this knowledge gap. Moreover, we have discussed ten personal finance apps for adults and teens in this article.

1.    Toshl Finance

This app provides a robust budgeting platform for all your needs. Apart from creating a 24-hour, 7-day, or 30-day budget, you can personalize the duration to reflect your preferences. As you execute the allowances, you can see your progress in real-time. Also, you can fill in your expenses based on their categories. 

2.    Famzoo 

Famzoo provides a collaborative interface for parents and teens to monitor and manage transactions. It comes with a prepaid card. After releasing funds into the teen’s account, you can track his or her expenses and balance. Moreover, it prevents reckless spending, which might prompt overdraft fees. 

3.    Greenlight 

With Greenlight debit card, parents can select the stores where their teens can transact business. It teaches teens to think through their needs before swiping their cards. If you need additional funds, it has a request feature. Besides, you can attach pictures to make your request more convincing. 

4.    Mvelopes 

Mvelopes whets your savings appetite with its unique, digital “envelope” feature. For each of your goals, you can create a different envelope. That way, it gives meaning to your savings by breaking your money into chunks. Also, it makes it easier to monitor your progress. Although the app is free, there are in-app advertisements. 

5.    Truebill

It is common for people to subscribe to services but not maximize such payments. With Truebill, you can eliminate these extra charges by moving to a commensurate plan. Its exciting features include automated funds management, subscription analysis, and bill negotiation. For instance, you can bargain for better payment packages on the app.  

6.    Digit

Just as impulse spending occurs, Digit facilitates impulsive savings. With its automated savings feature, you can top up your savings multiple times a week. It recommends a savings range after considering your gross income, total budget, expenses, and desires. Meanwhile, it covers the cost of an overdraft, if it ever happens. 

7.    Personal Capital

As a teen, it might be challenging to determine your net worth. However, with Personal Capital, it is simple. It allows you to incorporate your bank account, credit and debit cards, and investment portfolios. From its dashboard, you get an accurate picture of your net worth instantly.

8.    You Need A Budget (YNAB)

From its name, you can depict its purpose. It is a comprehensive budget app for adults and teens. With YNAB, it becomes easy to plan your income, determine your expenses, and set a due date for each. It has a savings feature to support your financial goals. 

9.    Mint

For people desirous of being in charge of their financial destiny, Mint is your financial assistant. It is a one-stop-shop for your income, expenses, budgets, and investment options. It uses your earning and spending patterns to recommend investment opportunities. Besides, it is available on both the Play Store and App Store. 

10.         Acorns Spend

Acorns Spend is a personal finance platform that encourages and empowers people to invest in selected portfolios. It rounds up payments from connected credit and debit cards while investing the remainder. For instance, if you pay $3.50 for an item from a linked card, it rounds it off to $4.00 and invests the remaining $0.50 in an investment you have chosen earlier. 


Financial literacy is essential for adults and teens who want to build wealth or relieve their debt burdens. The personal finance apps discussed above will give you the requisite head start.

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